Integral to these years of scientific accomplishments, Dr. Desirée has also drawn on the artistic side of her personality and become a self-taught artist, mentored in her early years by the leading sculptor and painter Stanley Burnside. With her academic background and 20+ years of experience as a medical doctor, she has created a type of scientific art that some might view as a healing form of art therapy or meditation. Her vibrant oil-on-canvas paintings call to mind the art of consciousness, the art of empathy, and the art of optimal and future health. Some might categorize her as work regenerative art, spiritual art, or a pathway of healing through art therapy.

Dr. Desirée unifies art, science, and technology to awaken viewers to their own innate gifts, inspire them to see through those myths they call reality, and allow them to reimagine uplifting futures for themselves. In her artistic practice, Dr. Desirée focuses on creating hopeful, adaptable art that changes perception, inspires awe and splendor, and makes way for bold new realities.

At its core, her regenerative art is a foundation for experiencing meditative mindfulness and the art of purposeful living. Dr. Desirée believes that this type of art, with its blending of science, technology and visual beauty, is a powerful solution for regenerative medicine therapy and changing the landscape of future health.

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As a singer/songwriter, Desirée has produced 2 CDs. Her first CD, Forbidden Love (2005), was produced in Miami, Florida in collaboration with her co-producer, Jorge Guzman. Her second CD, Awakenings (2007), was recorded in Brooklyn, New York and featured performances from world-class Brooklyn-based jazz musicians. Awakenings was co-produced by Andre Strobert (Brooklyn) and mixed and mastered at Sterling Sound in Manhattan in 2007.

The Awakenings album is dedicated to Andrei Strobert, the original sound engineer whose lifelong commitment to independent musicians made this project possible.

Desirée Cox (Vocals)

Charles Carrington ( Keyboard and Piano)

Rachiim Asur Sa-Hu (Bass)

Mark Johnson (Percussion)

William ‘Spaceman’ Patterson (Guitar)

Brendan Parnell (Guitar)

Ricardo Strobert (Sax and Flute)


Desirée Cox (Producer)

Andrei Strobert (Sound Engineer)

Mathew Rafino (Mixing Engineer)

Steve Fallone of Sterling Sound (Mastering Engineer)

EASY (4:34) Words and music by Paul Johnson

IN THE MOMENT (5:51) Words and music by Desirée Cox

HOMELAND (5:23) Words and music by Desirée Cox

LOVE THE ONE WHO LOVES YOU (3:40) Words and music by Desirée Cox and Derek Knowles

FORBIDDEN LOVE (5:05) Words and Music by Desirée Cox

NATURE BOY (3:57) Words and music by Eden Ahbez

FIRST TIME EVER I SAW YOUR FACE (5:09) Words and music by Ewan McColl

ILLUSIONS OF LOVE (4:30) Words and music by Desirée Cox

OUR LOVE IS HERE TO STAY (3:31) Words and music by George Gershwin

MEDITATION (4:32) Words and music by Desirée Cox